EPHRAIM — When the Snow College Badgers meet up with the Salt Lake Community College Bruins today, it will also be the first time that Snow coach Michael Ostlund will go head-to-head against SLCC's Norm Parrish.

But it won't be the first time the two coaches have been on the same court together. During the five seasons prior to this year, Ostlund was Parrish's assistant coach at SLCC.

Though it might be easy for him to feel otherwise under the circumstances, especially faced with SLCC's 15-0 record, Ostlund isn't out to prove anything in some kind of student vs. mentor showdown.

"As far as being nervous and having anxiety for the game, I think Norm's probably struggling more than I am," Ostlund said.

"With a 15-0 start, you feel like you have a target on you, so no matter who was the coach here, (Parrish) would feel some pressure. The fact that it's me coaching here probably just adds to it," Ostlund said.

The admiration and respect Ostlund has for his former boss — his "very good friend," as he puts it — is clear on the eve of their first go-'round.

"I think that whatever the outcome might be, either way makes Norm look good. Anything I might do and accomplish, whatever Snow College does while I'm here, just adds to Norm's legacy as a coach.

"When I list my mentors, Norm Parrish will always be at the top of the list," Ostlund said.

Ostlund's Badgers have a record of 9-6 prior to today's matchup.