Dear Heloise: While attending our son's wedding in another city, my husband and I noticed that the clock in our hotel room was not set to the correct time.

Imagine if we had not noticed this — we could have been late for the wedding! Since then, we have stayed at a few other places and have noticed the same thing. Please advise your readers to check for the correct time when settling down in a hotel room. — Diana Z., Carmichael, Calif.

Every traveler's nightmare, including me! This is why I carry two small alarm clocks and ask for a wake-up call! It might be redundant — but better than being late to an important speech or TV appearance. — Heloise



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Dear Heloise: I am adding some hints for places to put address labels:

— umbrella handle

— sunglasses case

— walking canes

— garden tools you loan out —Mariette Welbaum, Middletown, Ohio

And Marc, via e-mail, says: "I place an address label near the grips on each of my golf clubs. If I leave one behind, it can be easily located." —Heloise


Dear Heloise: I have a Sound Off: magazine subscription renewal notices that are sent months (or in some cases years) before they expire. I purchased a three-year subscription in February of '06 (expires February '09) and started getting notices to renew my subscription in July '07! The magazine renewal notices don't have the subscription expiration date on them.

I write down the date I ordered a subscription and the price in a log in my address book to try to keep a handle on these subscriptions so I don't double-pay or overpay. —Leslie, via e-mail

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