Everyone is eager to jump on the "harder on sex offenders" legislation. It is hard not to. This is not a population of criminal offenders any of us have a lot of sympathy for. However, one group I do have a tremendous amount of sympathy for are the victims of these heinous crimes. That being said, I am disappointed the editorial board of the Deseret Morning News has had the wool pulled over its eyes. We need to move in a direction that is best for the residents of our state and — more importantly — the victims of these crimes.

Research within our own state indicates that creating tough, long-term sentences for offenders pushes more of them toward a trial. They think, "Why not roll the dice?" This "get tough" stance on sex offenders, in reality, leads to more trials where the unfortunate child victims have to be re-victimized by facing their perpetrator in open court. Everyone wants more restrictions and longer sentences for sex offenders. My biggest fear is this well-intentioned policy will, in fact, lead to less punishment and prison time.

Lisa Haddon