When temperatures drop to freezing, plumbing problems are very common.

There are many things homeowners can do to prevent problems that have the potential to cause severe damage to homes.

Rescue Rooter has provided the following tips to keep Wasatch Front residents and their families safe and warm as freezing temperatures take over.

• Watch your water pressure this time of year because the first sign of a frozen pipe is restricted water flow. If you notice this, be sure to act quickly and call a professional.

• Let cold water trickle from your faucets, slightly smaller than a pencil's width, during the evening when the temperature is the coldest. This helps prevent freezing as moving water does not freeze.

• During cold snaps, if a garden hose is left connected, ice will form and pressure will build up in the water lines inside your home. Once this occurs, a water-line leak or break is common. This can cause severe damage to the home.

After disconnecting hoses, you should install an exterior, insulated faucet jacket.

• Warm it up: Circulating warm air helps keep pipes in the walls from freezing.

• Keep your house temperature above 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.

• Open cabinet doors under sinks and faucets near exterior walls to help circulate warm air and keep pipes warmer.

• Close crawl-space vents and garage doors, especially if your water heater is in the garage.

• Set your ceiling fan in the reverse position, on low. When radiant heat enters your home from the windows aimed upward, the fan will help circulate warm air all around the room.

• Be sure to close the blinds again at sundown.

• Make sure the damper is closed when you're not using your fireplace.

• Humidifiers can improve health issues like dry sinuses, while saving energy. Since moist air holds heat, you may feel more comfortable and lower your normal heat setting due to the increased comfort.