A great leader taught a wonderful lesson by wondering what the world or his community would be like if everyone was as kind to all others as others had been to him. Ponder kindness. Ponder a sincere smile, an uplifting comment, an expression of gratitude, letting others in line at a store or in traffic, stopping for a yellow traffic light, refraining from booing, refraining from belittling or sarcastic comments, etc.

Consider another act of kindness or respect — honoring the parking stalls reserved for people with a disability. Their need is real. That reservation is significant and is for the individual, not for the vehicle without a benefit to that individual. It is not for the convenience of others.

Let's be kind in all ways and we will all be enriched. Let's make our surroundings a better place. As another great leader taught, "Never suppress a generous thought."

Roger B. Wright