The changes I fear most among the Democratic contenders for president are:

1. Increased taxes.

2. Nationalized government operated health care (you only have to look at Social Security to see what havoc can be wreaked).

3. Abandonment of Iraq with the corresponding domino effect on diminishing U.S. influence in the Middle East (Iran will become the power broker).

4. Isolationism a la FDR before Pearl Harbor.

5. Growth of unionization, including the Transportation Security Administration.

6. A weaker military.

7. A full-fledged recession and

8. Revitalization of the ERA.

Shall I go on?

Say what you want about President Bush, but to change just because one didn't like his practices is scarier with a Democrat in office who's never even managed a McDonald's.

Frank C. Overfelt

Salt Lake City