GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will start raising money Wednesday for the general election, at a daylong event in Boston staffed by some of his top fundraisers from around the country, including Utah's John Miller.

Unlike most other presidential candidates, Romney has chosen to collect cash only for the primary election cycle. Now, as first reported by the Deseret Morning News last month, Romney's ready to start amassing money for the November 2008 election.

Federal election rules allow candidates to accept up to $2,300 from supporters for the primary election and the same amount for the general election. Candidates can't spend general election contributions, however, unless they become their party's nominee.

Some $6.5 million was raised by Romney's well-connected national network of business and political leaders at a similar "Call Day" event held in Boston in January 2007 before he formally announced his candidacy.

Among the callers Wednesday will be Miller, who is the highest-ranking fundraiser for Romney from Utah. Miller is the CEO of the National Beef Packing Co. in Missouri but lives in Deer Valley, next door to the Romney's vacation home in the ski resort.