OREM — Steven Baugh, former Alpine School District superintendent, announced today his candidacy for the state legislature — on the Democrat ticket.

If elected, Baugh, 62, of Orem, would be the only Democrat legislator representing the county.

"It's time to stand up for the things we value," Baugh told a group of 50 people during a press conference in Orem at noon today.

"It's time we had state legislators who were as good for public education as the teachers in the classroom," Baugh said. .

Baugh, a longtime Orem resident and Brigham Young University associate professor of educational leadership, said during his speech he was disappointed in some legislators not listening to constituents on issues.

He specifically note the recent proposal to start a school voucher program.

Baugh said he will listen to the people and what they want. "Tell me what your concerns are. Tell me what you're worried about and what you think the state legislature ought to be doing about it," he said.

To emphasize his point, Baugh announced his cell phone number to the crowd and encouraged them to call: 801-602-1681.

Baugh will run against state Rep. Steve Sandstrom, R-Orem.

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