A sentencing date has been set for a Bosnian resident alien who has admitted to failing to mention his involvement with a military group accused of genocide in his immigration application.

Milenko Stjepanovic is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 15 to one count of visa fraud. Federal immigration laws forbid the entry of someone who is considered an "oppressor" in a conflict.

According to court records, Stjepanovic admitted that on his application for a green card, he noted that he served in the Yugoslavian People's Army from 1969 to 1970 but failed to disclose that he also served with the Army of the Republica Srpska, or the Vojska Republica Srpska (VRS). A war-crimes inquiry found that members of the VRS participated in human-rights violations, including the massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslim boys and men at Srebrenica in 1995.

The Srebrenica incident has been classified as genocide by the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Stjepanovic is one of five Bosnian immigrants living in the Salt Lake City area who were indicted in June 2006 for visa fraud. All of them had applied for refugee status but failed to disclose their service with the VRS.

During a hearing last August, Stjepanovic pleaded guilty in a plea deal reached with federal prosecutors. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors said they would recommend that he serve no prison time and instead be deported back to Serbia.

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