PROVO — A 24-year-old Brigham Young University student was hit and killed by a car Monday evening.

The young woman, whose name had not been released by press time, had just started across a crosswalk on University Avenue at 1820 North when a small red car heading north on the busy four-lane road struck her, tossing her about 25 feet.

Another northbound motorist, driving in the inside lane, had already rolled to a stop to allow the pedestrian to cross, said Provo Police Sgt. Aaron Mullins.

The woman, who suffered severe head trauma, was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Police do not believe the motorist, a 52-year-old Park City man, was speeding at the time of the accident. He was not cited, but the investigation is continuing.

Northbound traffic on University Avenue was closed for several hours after the 5:30 p.m. accident.

Mullins said the intersection is "notoriously dangerous." There are orange flags posted at the crosswalk for pedestrians to carry, but there were no flags on the east side of the street where the woman was.