IDAHO FALLS (AP) — The burglar must have thought his victim really loved her video games.

Idaho Falls police investigators say a man broke into a vehicle in November, stealing some video games, a compact disc player, camera equipment, clothing and a video camera.

The day after the burglary, the victim found one of her videotapes stuck inside her mailbox. Though she reported the burglary and finding the videotape right away, she just got around to watching the entire tape last week, Lt. Joe Cawley said.

That's when she discovered that part of the original content — the recent birth of her child — had been taped over with a message from the handkerchief-wearing thief: Pay a $3,000 ransom and all the stolen items would be returned.

But there was one problem, Cawley said. The burglar forgot to include any instructions for dropping off the cash.

"We're not dealing with brain surgeons here," Cawley said. Still, the department is taking the matter seriously.

"We would really like to catch this guy," Cawley said. "We don't know if they intended actually to (extort) them for money or were fooling around. But the victims are living in a lot of fear because they know where they live and some personal things about them via the video."