0 — Cost for "green" cars to park at any city meter; cost of parking during the holiday season.

1st — Homeless overflow shelter facilitated by an Olympic host city.

2nd — Congressional district seat he ran for in 1996 as the Democratic nominee, losing to Republican Merrill Cook.

5 — Number of chiefs of staff during his administration.

7 — "Freedoms from unreasonable public policies restricting personal choices and harming public heath," according to Anderson: juvenile gun offenses too lenient; wages too low; liquor laws too strict; unmarried partners should be able to adopt; sex education should be taught; late-night dancing should be allowed; air quality should be valued and improved.

7 — Number of years the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival has been held.

9 — Number of people to serve as his media spokesman.

15 — Percent Salt Lake City reduced water use from 2000 to 2006.

15 — Miles of bicycle lanes added.

41 — Number of SUVs he got rid of from Salt Lake City's fleet.

31 — Percent global warming pollution emissions have been reduced from municipal operations.

31 — Percent of appointments to city boards and commissions from the ethnic minority community.

33rd — Mayor of Salt Lake City.

37 — Percent increase of ethnic minorities in the city's work force since December 1999.

48 — Percent increase of city officials and administrators from ethnic minority community since December 1999.

52 — Percent of the airport's light vehicle fleet — and 100 percent of its shuttle buses — that operate using compressed natural gas.

58 — Percent increase of ethnic minority employees in the mayor's office since December 1999.

62 — Percent the city's fund balance increased by from 1999 to 2007 — from $20.3 million to $32.6 million.

65 — New bike racks installed downtown.

73 — Days the mayor was out of town between mid-March 2005 to March 2006, including 10 trips for environmental conferences or meetings.

87 — Percent recycling has increased since the city launched a curbside recycling program in 2001.

89 — Percent increase in scheduled airport departures.

89 — Number of city vehicles that run on natural gas.

100 — Units in the Salt Lake City-partnered Sunrise Apartments for chronically homeless.

101 — Percent the Capital Improve ment Program (CIP) funds in creased as a proportion of revenue.

120 — Percent increase in nonstop destinations from Salt Lake City Internaional Airport.

250 — Center-of-the-street parking stalls added to Broadway Boulevard and 300 East.

485 — Salt Lake City tax dollars Anderson used to pay a "bar tab" in July 9, 2005.

530 — Number of acres acquired or converted to open space during his administration.

900 — South railroad line removed, and railroad quiet zone established.

2002 — The year Salt Lake City hosted the world during the Winter Olympics.

10,000 — Number of pedestrian reflector strips distributed as part of street-safety initiatives.

$7.5 million — Amount of donation secured from Real Salt Lake for an Athletics Complex.

$10 million — Amount of bond secured for The Leonardo.

$46 million — Amount spent on affordable housing during his administration.

$220 million — Estimated cost to taxpayers from legal battle delaying construction of the Legacy Parkway.