Marv Hendrickson</I>

Running again for his Salt Lake County Council District 6 seat this year is out of the question for Marv Hendrickson.

But that doesn't mean the two-term Republican won't run for another elected position, Hendrickson told the Deseret Morning News on Thursday.

"I will not be a candidate in council District 6," Hendrickson said.

When pressed on whether he would be a candidate for other open county elected positions, all Hendrickson would say is, "The doors are wide open."

Hendrickson could serve on the County Council again, if he decides to run against Democratic colleague Randy Horiuchi. Or he could run against Peter Corroon for county mayor.

Or he could leave the county altogether and run for a legislative spot. Then again, he could just retire quietly after eight years in county politics.

"I'm keeping my options open," Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson was elected in 2000 as the county switched from a three-person commission form of government to the current nine-member council setup.

He served as the first chairman of the council in the 2001 inaugural year of the new form of government.

Now the Republicans will have to find another candidate to run for Hendrickson's District 6 seat.

The Democrats have already lined up medical malpractice attorney Gary Ferguson to run, Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chairman Christian Burridge said.

Four spots on the council are up for grabs in 2008, with three of those currently held by Republicans.

Council Chairman Mark Crockett said it's "very likely" he'll seek re-election to his District 4 seat, and Republican Michael Jensen said he will run again in District 2.

Horiuchi, a Democrat who has survived four elections in the past, said he is "leaning heavily on running again."

Hendrickson was coy on his future intentions but didn't rule out running against Horiuchi or Corroon.

He said he bowed out of the District 6 race because "that was my personal commitment, that I would serve two terms." When asked if serving another term in the at-large seat on the council would violate his commitment, Hendrickson said, "They are two different seats."

Hendrickson quit the District 6 race early "in order to allow other legitimate candidates to come forward," he said.

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