You printed an article about the demise of Postum (Jan. 1). Well, I'm sorry for those who liked it and will miss it. I found it quite nasty. But that's not my point. The writer, Ms. Israelsen-Hartley, said: "Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chose the beverage because the church's religious code of ethics prohibits caffeinated coffees or teas."

First, what is the LDS Church's "religious code of ethics"? The church has a group of "doctrines" and "commandments" which its members follow. As a lifelong member, I've never heard of a code of ethics. (Having lived in California most of my life, perhaps I missed the memo.)

Second, my understanding is that nothing in the Word of Wisdom prohibits caffeine. I'm aware that general authorities have recommended against its use, but that doesn't make it a commandment. You could then deduce that decaffeinated coffee is OK. Well, you'd be flat-out wrong. Use of decaffeinated coffee will keep you out of the temple, use of caffeinated colas will not.

David A. Erickson

Elk Ridge