Two men wearing masks and armed with guns held the employees at a private club in the Gateway mall captive early New Year's Day while robbing the place of cash.

The manager of The Depot at 13 N. 400 West in Salt Lake City went to the shipping dock behind the business to smoke a cigarette at 3 a.m. when he was approached by two men who held him at gunpoint, according to Salt Lake Police Lt. J. R. Nelson. The men were wearing neoprene ski masks on their faces.

"They forced the manager back inside, rounded up the rest of the employees there and took them downstairs by the office," Nelson said.

The five club workers who were closing up the business were tied up, and the two armed men then walked the manager throughout the club from one cash till to the next to take money from each location.

The two intruders were last seen leaving the office area of the club going upstairs. They took off after that with an undisclosed sum of money, Nelson said.

The club manager and the five employees were not hurt in the incident.

Details about the two men were sketchy as of Tuesday. Nelson said one man was wearing blue overalls and a knit cap, and the other was wearing a yellow fleece jacket, blue jeans and a Nike cap. No other information about their appearance was available.