Utah is hardly immune to the health effects of rising global temperatures. West Nile virus has become a common feature of evening news broadcasts each spring and summer. The degree to which other diseases, such as malaria, will make their way north over time remains to be seen, but they are already on the move.

"Climate change deniers" may dismiss changes as "ideology" or claim climate change is only a part of some natural cycle we don't yet fully understand, but this does not change the fact a scientific consensus has been established.

The Deseret Morning News and media in general have a responsibility to provide a forum where controversies can be aired and differing views explored. However, when a submission claims there is no scientific consensus but can't point to even one peer reviewed study to prove the point, and refers to those with differing opinions as "anti-American," the Deseret Morning News is neither fostering a civil discourse nor informing the public on legitimate scientific debates.

Craig Axford

Salt Lake City