Letter Writer of the Month, Dixie Baker of Provo, has been stretching her wings as a wordsmithship. A steady contributore to our letters page, she is also writing memoirs for her old hometown paper in Dayton, Texas, and is contributing to other periodicals locally. She and her husband, Lloyd, had seven children of their own, and a foster child.

Good riddance to TV

Will the TV writers strike be a wake-up call for Americans? Will they go out and find other things to do with their time? Will they realize how much of their life is being eaten up by negative television — the inane, vulgar, horrific and irreverent?

I'm not saying all television is bad. But just by reading the Deseret Morning News, I know there is a lot of sleaze on the tube. Maybe American families will wake up and realize that turning off the TV set can enhance their quality of life.

With less TV, we can spend our extra time reading, exercising, finding a hobby, teaching our children to cook, memorizing poetry, helping friends and neighbors, working on humanitarian projects, making Christmas gifts this year, writing letters of appreciation, writing a book, listening to uplifting music, organizing our lives or just tuning into the silence.

We really don't need "background noise" all the time. Try turning off your TV. Enhance your life.

Dixie Baker


Nov. 11, 2007