Davis County sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they said led police on a high-speed chase from North Salt Lake to Bountiful, tossing a dog out of a sunroof while traveling at speeds of more than 100 mph.

Police said it began Dec. 22, when deputies responded to help Bountiful police arrest a man leading them on a chase. Deputies spotted the car near 1800 S. Orchard Drive and attempted to stop the car, which ran a red light at speeds of 80 mph and avoided a North Salt Lake police officer in an intersection at speeds of more than 100.

"At approximately 250 N. Orchard Drive, I observed the driver of the vehicle throw a medium-size dog out the sunroof of the vehicle," Davis County sheriff's deputy M. Boucher wrote in a police report.

"The dog was tan in color and appeared to be a boxer," he wrote. "The vehicle continued south on Orchard Drive at high rates of speed."

The car turned on Eagle Ridge Drive and then onto Valley View Drive. At the same time, a pursuing police car slid on some water and crashed into a divider, deputies wrote.

"The vehicle reached speeds of approximately 80 mph on Valley View and due to the high speeds and unsafe conditions the chase was terminated," Boucher wrote.

The dog was picked up by animal control officers later that afternoon, suffering from severe road rash and a broken back leg. Boucher said in the report that because they couldn't immediately track down the dog's owner, he took the boxer to his veterinarian and paid for the medical expenses out of his own pocket.

Animal control officers tracked down the boxer's owner — the mother of the young man involved in the chase, deputies said. The woman called about her dog on Wednesday, saying her son had told her the dog jumped out the window.

Deputies ultimately arrested Dallas Dee Bruehl, 18, for investigation of aggravated cruelty to animals and failure to respond to an officer's signal to stop. He was also booked into the Davis County Jail on a street racing warrant out of South Salt Lake.

Under questioning, Boucher wrote that Bruehl said he "ran from the cops on Saturday morning and his dog jumped out the window." Deputies said Bruehl also admitted to reaching speeds of 148 mph during the chase.

"I asked him why he ran and he stated because he did not have his license with him and he knew his vehicle did not have the license plates on and he was scared of getting in trouble," the deputy wrote. "I asked why he threw his dog out the window, and he stated that he did not throw the dog out the window."

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