In response to Steve Watkins (Readers' Forum, Dec. 25), we would like to draw attention to the difference between an "entertaining" movie and a "quality" movie. Some "entertaining" movies merely titillate, relying on cheap and vulgar humor and celebrity presence to draw viewers. Others contain an insulting amount of contrivance and poor script writing.

A movie of good quality will edify viewers and allow them to connect with the characters. The story will move them emotionally and cause them to think about the meaningful aspects of life.

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for Jeff Vice's frank evaluations. While his views might not always reflect the reaction of the popular mob, we feel that he is accurate in pointing out the defects in most movies.

The entertainment industry has become cheap and disposable. It sacrifices quality and artistry to amass gargantuan sums of money. We salute Vice for keepin' it real!

Rachel and Diana Brown