It is scary how many Utahns believe that global warming is a false "political ideology." Wayne Merkley's response (Readers' Forum, Dec. 26) states that "we would do much better listening to credible scientists rather than strident politicians." On this point he is correct. If one examines the work of credible scientists in peer-reviewed scholarly articles, it is clear that there is an overwhelming consensus on the issue. In a review of 928 scientific papers on the subject published in the journal Science in 2004, none rejected the idea that humans were responsible for climate change.

We would do better to gather information on the subject from scientists rather than the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. We should listen to true experts in the field who have much less to gain financially by trying to curb global climate change than the big oil companies have in maintaining our addiction to fossil fuels.

Ben Williams

Fort Wayne, Indiana