ST. GEORGE (AP) — So you think you have some dirty holiday dishes?

Susan and Etimani LaFaele opened their door and served breakfast for about 200 people on Christmas, a tradition that began when they moved to the area 12 years ago.

They offered ham, waffles, chop suey, rice and meatballs Tuesday.

"This is our neighborhood gift," Susan said while taking a break from making waffles. "It's a lot of fun."

Some children were still in pajamas.

"We always just get up and come over," Deanna Nielson said. "We're not even done unwrapping presents, but we have to do this."

The LaFaeles and their five children got up about 6 a.m. to start cooking. The house was crowded three hours later.

"One year we didn't do it at all, and it just didn't feel like Christmas," daughter Susi LaFaele said.