The Humane Society of Utah has increased the reward for information that helps find whoever dumped a bag of puppies inside a garbage bin in Riverdale.

"This was an act of unspeakable and pointless brutality," said Humane Society of Utah director Gene Baierschmidt, who announced a $5,000 reward.

"Those animals could have been taken to a shelter and given the chance to be adopted to loving homes. Whoever did this cruel and cowardly thing should be made to realize that these were living, feeling creatures. They weren't old banana peels or teabags; you don't toss them out with the rest of the garbage if you don't want them."

Earlier this month, a woman working at Hancock Fabric in Riverdale was taking out some garbage when she heard the sound of whimpering coming from a Dumpster. Thinking it was a baby, she opened a plastic bag and found 14 mixed-breed Jack Russell terrier puppies.

Police said 13 of the puppies had frozen or suffocated to death. The sole survivor was later adopted by the woman who found them. She named it "Precious."

Riverdale police have received numerous tips, but nothing. The garbage bag the puppies were stuffed in was wrapped in a sheet, and the bag was cut open, so it destroyed any fingerprints investigators could have retrieved.

Anyone with information should call Riverdale police at 801-394-6616.