JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesia's latest campaign to lure tourists got off to a rocky start after embarrassed officials acknowledged that a key slogan was ungrammatical and ordered it corrected.

"Visit Indonesia 2008. Celebrating 100 Years of Nation's Awakening" has been printed on billboards, government Web sites and emblazoned on the sides of aircraft belonging to the national airline, Garuda.

To be correct, "Nation's" should either be preceded by a definite article, the personal pronouns "our" or "my," or be replaced with "National."

"Our colleagues tried their best not to be reckless in creating the slogan, I'm sure," said Thamrin Bachri, director general for marketing at the ministry of culture and tourism. "But we have been advised by several people to change the slogan," he was quoted as saying in the Jakarta Post.

No one from the ministry was immediately available for comment.

The 1908 event referred to in the "100 Years" phrase is the founding of Indonesia's first nationalist group, a development hailed here as a key step in the country's eventual independence from Dutch rule in 1945.

Many people have questioned the wisdom of referring to the anniversary at all in a tourist campaign, given that few people outside the country have ever heard of it and would unlikely be interested in attending events to mark it anyway.

"Just delete the subtitle, tourists won't understand it anyway. Even Indonesians don't understand it," said a comment posted on one unofficial Indonesian tourism Web site.

Bachri said the phrase would be changed to "celebrating 100 years of national awakening."

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was to have officially launched the campaign on Jan. 1.

Indonesia drew about 5 million tourists in 2006, most to its resort island of Bali.