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Mike Terry, Deseret Morning News
Riverton Elementary School first-grader Abbigale Opheikens shows off her original art of Santa. Santa wears a magic coat, Abbigale says.

RIVERTON — We all know he travels with Vixen and Blitzen and Rudolph at the reins, down Santa Claus Lane to your home.

But after that, we're a little curious. How in the world does the jolly old elf get in your house with all those presents?

The answer to this logistical conundrum can come only from the world's greatest minds.


Our Santa experts in Lesley Bickmore's first-grade class at Riverton Elementary School have the whole thing down.

Suffice it to say, our curiosity has been satisfied.

Classmates Nick Gibson and Abbigale Opheikens say Santa wears a magic coat. And in this case, the clothes truly make the man.

Simply putting on the coat is what transforms the foreman of the toy workshop into supermagical delivery Santa, Opheikens says.

But as for the rest of his magic, some think he stores it in his bag.

And it's not any brand of magic — it's the kind harvested only at the North Pole.

And with that magic, Santa can not only get all the way around the world in one night, he can enlarge chimneys to help the bowl-full-of-jelly belly make it down the chute.

That bag doubles as a cushion, too, by the way. As Cade Wilson sees it, Santa dismounts his rooftop sleigh, tosses the bag of presents down the chimney, providing a softer landing than, say, a grate and a yule log.

Some, though, have other theories.

"Santa Claus comes through the vent. He shrinks small to go through then he grows back," said Monica Lindorff, with an aside: "I don't have a chimney."

There also is the more practical point of entry.

"Santa comes in my front door," said Brinley Wolverton.

Isn't that what you would do?

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