Brian Christensen (Readers' Forum, Dec. 21) should be informed that there is a $60 million state agency, the Office of Recovery Services, that collects child support from obligees. This agency receives several million dollars in incentives every year from the federal government for collecting more than 80 percent of the obligations. Parents who are awarded child support can file a case with the ORS at a nominal cost ($25) without a lawyer.

The ORS often goes to great lengths to collect child support. I know obligees who have had 50 percent of their wages garnished, forcing them to live in a camper. Another had all his tools taken and sold, making it impossible to work.

The current child support system was forced upon the states by the federal government in the early 1990s as a mechanism to keep children out of poverty. Unfortunately, money (support) is now pitted against parent time (visitation), causing many divorces to become horribly contentious, enriching the lawyers and increasing the incentive to divorce. Of course, no state agency can help a parent enforce his or her court-ordered parent time.

John D. Kriesel