NORTH CONWAY, N.H. (AP) — Mitt Romney wants voters to think about his business background and government experience when they go into the voting booth and make their pick for president. His wife wants them to know something else: "He can really make good mashed potatoes."

The anecdote, which Romney himself said was being made public for the first time, came as Ann Romney traveled with her husband Saturday, testifying to the little-known qualities she believes make him the preferred Republican presidential contender.

She said another one is that her husband taught her how to both change a diaper and feed a baby, experience she lacked when she had the first of their five boys.

"I think everybody knows we have five boys," Ann Romney told an audience at a local elementary school. "They may not now that I'd never held a baby until I held my first baby. I did not grow up in these big Mormon families and all these kids and everything; I really grew up in the country in Michigan, and I never held a baby until I had my own."

Romney had experience in holding, feeding and cleaning babies from taking care of his nieces and nephews.

"So, he comes in handy," his wife said.

On the subject of Romney's culinary skills, Ann Romney said she never cooked, growing up the daughter and granddaughter of excellent cooks. Her first Thanksgiving foray into mashed potatoes led to "the most extraordinary glue."

Her husband stepped in, as he has done for each successive Thanksgiving dinner.

"You make the gravy, too," Ann Romney said, looking at her husband, "You make very good gravy. So, I don't know why that popped in my head; It's like people should really know this about Mitt, yes they should. When they go into the voting booth, they should know he can really make good mashed potatoes."