1. New England Patriots

Pats will fry the Fish to reach 15-0

2. Green Bay Packers

Wisconsin's hopes rest on Favre's arm

3. Indianapolis Colts

They're stumbling their way to the playoffs

4. Dallas Cowboys

Dear Jessica: Leave Tony alone till the bye week

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

Nobody wants to play these guys right now

Bottom 5

32. Miami Dolphins

One win does not erase this horrible season

31. Atlanta Falcons

Yes, they're still really, really bad

30. St. Louis Rams

Only one game left till winter vacation

29. New York Jets

Easy to overlook as Gotham focuses on Giants

28. Raiders/49ers

Can't decide between equally-bad Bay-area teams

CAN'T MISS: Weather permitting, start Derek Anderson and Carson Palmer in the rematch of the year's best fantasy game. In week 2, Anderson (328 yards, 5 TDs) and Palmer (401 yards, 6 TDs) in a 51-45 game.

NOT THIS WEEK: Bench Jay Cutler. He's been weak on the road (6 TDs, compared to 12 at home)

FREE AGENT PICK UP: QB Shaun Hill (TD pass, TD run), WR Roydell Williams (94 yards, 2 TDs), RB Dominic Rhodes (more play with Justin Fargas out), RB LaMont Jordan (more play with Fargas out), RB Darren Sproles (122 yards, 2 TDs), QB Chad Pennington, QB Matt Moore