The last three of 14 members of a major drug-dealing ring were sentenced Tuesday in federal court.

Gerardo Ayase-Osuna, 35, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for leading a continuing criminal enterprise. Jeffrey Thiemig, 35, was also sentenced to 20 years, and Juan Carlos Urrutia-Garcia, 37, received close to five years. As part of his plea, Ayase-Osuna admitted he directed 13 other individuals in a drug-trafficking organization.

According to federal prosecutors, the group moved significant quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine from Mexico, which was distributed along the Wasatch Front from September 2004 through January 2006.

"The federal sentences these individuals received for bringing the wrath of these deadly drugs into our communities is appropriate and also sends a message to those who are considering following in their footsteps," said DEA Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey D. Sweetin of the Rocky Mountain Field Division.

Other members of the ring have received prison sentences of three to 15 years.