Concerns about toy safety since last summer's recalls, along with worries about the economy, have made shoppers more cautious and have resulted in generally sluggish toy sales.

As an Associated Press story on Page M3 points out, no retailer has as much at stake as Toys "R" Us Inc., the nation's largest specialty toy seller. Chairman and CEO Gerald L. Storch discusses toy recalls and details what the retailer and the industry are doing to make toys safer.

"We know we are not going to be immune from (economic challenges)," Storch said, "but we do know that in good times and bad, parents want to buy toys for their children, and it is the last thing they are going to cut no matter how tough their budget is.

"We are not seeing a lot of difference in toy buying patterns this year versus prior years. I believe that it's because with all ... the scrutiny that toys have received the consumers that we talk to believe the toys on the shelf now are safe."