PROVO — Potential conflict over a witness in the murder case of a 15-year-old Spanish Fork girl has been resolved.

It turns out a female witness for prosecutors was not the same woman the defense attorney had previously represented in a divorce case.

The current case is a first-degree murder charge against Timmy Brent Olsen and Christopher Jeppson for the presumed death of Kiplyn Davis of Spanish Fork, who disappeared in 1995.

In preparation for an upcoming hearing in 4th District Court, state prosecutors listed a woman on their witness list who had a nearly identical name to a client Olsen's attorney's office had represented.

Taking extra precautions, Olsen's attorney, Dana Facemyer, said he wanted to ensure they were different people to avoid a potential problem with attorney-client privilege if she were placed on the stand and he had to cross-examine her.

However, after a few checks by state prosecutors, it turned out the women's birthdays were different and the slightly different spellings on their first names were indicators of different people, not simply a misspelling.

The two men are scheduled to begin an eight-day preliminary hearing in January.