Europe lost its religious faith before World War I. Charles Krauthammer (Dec. 16) was way off on his dates when he wrote "Postwar Europe has experienced the most precipitous decline in religious belief in the history of the West. Yet Europe is one of the freest precincts on the planet."

The great European cathedrals referred to by Mitt Romney were built between 1260 (Chartres) and 1880 (Cologne). During these years, Europe abolished slavery and invented science. In 1914 and again in 1939, Europe fought two wars of unprecedented carnage and cruelty. Postwar Europe became peaceful and prosperous. It was protected militarily by the United States.

During the past decade, Mr. Romney's religion has built a cathedral in Salt Lake City that seats 25,000 people. It is jampacked with worshipers.

Robert Burton