Video one

DPS video from Dec. 11, 2007

 Video two

DPS video from Dec. 12, 2007

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CEDAR CITY — The National Transportation Safety Board has begun investigating a small plane crash that killed three Idaho men earlier this week.

The single-engine plane crashed into a mountainside near Minersville as it was en route from Idaho to St. George. Authorities believe the plane crashed in bad weather Tuesday. Wednesday, a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter helped retrieve the bodies of Robert Wolz, Tom Sainsbury and Gaylen Nelson.

A video taken from the DPS helicopter and released on Friday shows wreckage scattered across the mountainside.

(Editor's note: The second video was taken by the Utah Department of Public Safety the day after the wreckage was discovered. It shows where the aircraft impacted. The first video shows night imaging and thermal imaging technology and was taken the night the crash site was located. The people on the ground are search and rescue members hiking into the crash site. Thermal imaging shows the footprints in the snow as the SAR team hikes in the rugged terrain. Both videos were edited for length and to remove images of the aircraft occupants, who did not survive the crash. Both videos were taken and provided by the Utah DPS.)