A fund-raiser held in early December to help the family of the late Sen. Ed Mayne, D-West Valley, collected about $60,000, according to an organizer.

Randy Horiuchi, a member of the Salt Lake County Council who helped plan the event, said not all of its financial aspects have been tallied yet. "But I think it's going to settle in around the $60,000 range that will be going to the Mayne family," he said.

Mayne died of lung cancer on Nov. 25, having served many years as a state senator and as the chief of the Utah AFL-CIO. He drew praises from both sides of the political aisle, with many speakers noting his fight for benefits for the poor.

Donors gave money to help pay medical bills incurred in his last battle. In addition, Mayne's family has considered setting up a fund to help people obtain chemotherapy, he said. Other than that, the family may use some of the money for other purposes.

Horiuchi said none of the funds raised will be going into the campaign chest of Mayne's widow, Karen, who is widely expected to be appointed to fill his post. If she is, and wants to keep the job, she will have to run again in 2008.