An Alamosa, Colo., man is suing Utah-based Eagle Air Med Corp. for wrongful termination stemming from a September incident in which the man refused to fly a plane he believed to be unsafe.

Todd Wilson was fired after he fought with his superiors about flying a plane with a broken ice vane, according to a complaint filed in 3rd District Court this week. Wilson refused to fly the plane, saying it was both unsafe and illegal to do so.

Wilson's superiors told him he was not "being a team player" and that the broken vane was minor and could be overlooked, according to the complaint.

Eagle Air Med Corp., based in Blanding, serves the Navajo Nation and Four Corners area by providing emergency medical flights. On Oct. 4, three people died when one of the company's planes crashed into the side of a mountain. It was the company's only fatal collision, a spokesman said at the time.

Wilson has asked for a jury trial and wants at least $10,000 in attorney fees plus lost wages and benefits, in addition to punitive damages.