Lacey Plaisted

SPRINGVILLE — A Utah County sheriff's deputy arrested the wife of star BYU basketball center Trent Plaisted for investigation of driving under the influence of drugs Thursday.

Lacey Plaisted had apparently been taking medication for a knee injury when she was pulled over in Springville for failing to stop at a stop sign, according to Sgt. Spencer Cannon, spokesman for the Utah County Sheriff's Office.

The deputy arrested Lacey Plaisted after she saw "critical observational signals in her driving pattern" indicative of driving under the influence, Cannon said.

Plaisted was booked into Utah County Jail at 4:48 p.m. and was released an hour later after posting a $1,375 cash or bond bail.

Lacey Plaisted refused to comment on the alleged incident, said John Plaisted, the brother of Trent Plaisted.

"That (DUI) charge has been dismissed," John Plaisted said. "The (arresting) officer called her today and apologized for the whole thing."

Cannon, however, said, "I don't know where he got that interpretation. There was no apology, unless it was in the context of 'I'm sorry this happened to you."'

No charges have been filed. The arresting officer has not completed the report, but officials expect its completion by Monday so Springville prosecutors can evaluate if and when charges may be filed, Cannon said.

The night before her arrest, Lacey Plaisted's husband led the Cougars to a win over Lamar University at the Marriott Center. Lacey appeared on crutches. After the game, she told the Deseret Morning News she had suffered an ACL tear in her knee and expected to have surgery. She received some advice from BYU basketball trainer Robert Ramos, who was treating several athletes.

A BYU woman's soccer coach said Lacey Plaisted has had previous problems with her knees. She never played any sports at the university, although she was enrolled on the soccer roster for a single semester.

Lacey Plaisted, who is employed at Ruby River, a steakhouse in Provo, said she went to get off a stool while at work and twisted her knee. An employee at the steakhouse confirmed that the injury happened there and that Plaisted was taking days off to recover.

"This will be the third ACL surgery I've had on this leg," Lacey Plaisted said Wednesday.

According to Cannon, a forensic nursing service tested Lacey Plaisted at the jail and initial test results showed at least one drug in her system.

"I heard that she was as nice as they come," Cannon said. "But even if it was done innocently, she could be as dangerously impaired on several (kinds of) drugs as she could after finishing off a six-pack."

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