A home invader was shot and killed Thursday night after the man being robbed grabbed the intruder's gun and opened fire on one of two men holding him and his wife captive.

The search continued Friday for two other suspects, a man and woman, in connection with the incident.

About 10:15 p.m. Thursday, police received a call that two men had forced their way into a house near 3600 South and 4400 West, said West Valley police Sgt. Chad Evans.

A woman knocked on the door, said police Capt. Tom McLachlan. When one of the residents opened the door to see who was there, two men forced their way in, he said.

"When they first entered the house, the victim's dog attempted to intervene. They shot the dog," Evans said.

The large dog, believed to be a Great Dane or similar breed, "growled and snapped" at one of the suspects before it was shot, McLachlan said. Veterinarians later were forced to euthanize the dog because of the extent of its injuries.

Both the husband and wife in the house were bound. An 18-month-old was asleep in its crib and stayed asleep through the whole ordeal, McLachlan said. The wife was bound to a chair.

Both of the suspects wore dark clothing and ski masks and were armed. The woman who originally knocked on the door left after the men entered.

One of the invaders took the husband around the house, forcing him to point out where valuables were located, Evans said. The invaders went around the house collecting cash, jewelry and electronic items.

Just as the suspects were about to leave, the husband was able to get the gun away from one of his captors and shot him in the entrance of his house. Police did not release details Friday on how the man was able to free himself from being bound or if there was a struggle over the gun.

The man who was shot was killed. The second man ran out the door, still carrying some of the items he had stolen, McLachlan said. The husband then called 911.

Investigators have identified the man who was killed but did not publicly release his name pending notification of relatives. The man was a documented gang member and had gang tattoos, McLachlan said.

The family was staying with a relative Friday.

Detectives were investigating whether the home invasion was random, whether the suspects specifically targeted the house or if there was any connection between the suspects and victims.

"These things are generally not random," McLachlan said. "But there is no evidence that this incident was not random. According to the victims, they do not know (the deceased suspect)."

The couple said they also did not recognize the female who originally knocked on the door.

The husband did not have any gang affiliation, McLachlan said.

Anyone with information on the incident can call police at 840-4000.

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