OGDEN — Just weeks after an ordinance was passed requiring every home here to have a carbon monoxide detector, firefighters said a woman and her family were saved by it.

Ogden fire officials were called to the woman's home late Sunday after her carbon monoxide detector went off.

"She had an old car in the garage that she'd been charging the battery with. She had only turned the car on for a few seconds," deputy fire chief Chad Tucker said Wednesday.

However, the CO levels were already rising. The woman went into her living room to watch a movie and within 30 minutes, her CO detector went off. She evacuated her children from the home and when firefighters measured the CO levels, they found 220 parts per million. Anything over 15 parts per million is considered unhealthy and evacuation is ordered when levels reach 30 parts per million.

"Everybody's safe. There's no injuries, no harm, no foul because everybody had a CO detector," Tucker said.