TWIN FALLS, Idaho — A motorized zip line that propels riders 3,000 feet at up to 55 mph could open near the Snake River Canyon in February as part of a proposed thrill park.

"You'll fly like a bird," Martin Tilley, the project's engineer, told The Times-News. "There's nothing like it in the world."

The already completed zip line, called the Flight Stimulator, is part of the proposed Devil's Corral Adventure Park that may eventually have 12 of the motorized zip lines.

However, that depends on whether the landowner in Jerome County and Meridian-based Flight Stimulation agree to a contract, company owner Dennis Huntting told The Associated Press.

"This is not a typical zip line," he said. "This is an electric trolly cable running on a zip line. It's the world's first powered zip line."

A high-tension cable Huntting said is rated at 89,000 pounds crosses a small feeder canyon to the Snake River called Devil's Corral, The line is 160 feet above the ground.

Power comes from a battery pack attached to a device that moves the rider along the cable. Huntting said the three-minute ride will likely cost $35, and if the park is built it will cost $100 to ride all 12 zip lines.

The region is already popular among thrill seekers, notably BASE jumpers who free fall off Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Canyon and rely on parachutes to land safely.

Zip lines typically rely on gravity, but Tilley's design can propel people across flats or even uphill, Huntting said.

He said he's been looking at other sites for similar projects in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Missouri.