Last week/Weeks on list


1. Double Cross, 1/3

by James Patterson

2. The Darkest Evening -/1

of the Year,

by Dean Koontz

3. A Thousand Splendid Suns, 6/28

by Khaled Hosseini

4. World Without End, 7/8

by Ken Follett

5. Stone Cold, 4/4

by David Baldaacci

6. Playing for Pizza, 3/10

by John Grisham

7. Home to Holly Springs, 8/5

by Jan Karon

8. The Choice, 2/10

by Nicholas Sparks

9. The Chase, 9/4

by Clive Cussler

10. Confessor, 5/3

by Terry Goodkind


1. I Am America 2/8

(And So Can You!),

by Stephen Colbert, et. al.

2. An Inconvenient Book, 1/2

by Glenn Beck and Kevin Balfe

3. Boom! 3/4

by Tom Brokaw

4. Born Standing Up, 3/4

by Steve Martin

5. Good Dog, Stay, 4/2

by Anna Quindlen

6. Clapton, 5/8

by Eric Clapton

7. Rescuing Sprite, 6/4

by Mark R. Levin

8. Quiet Strength, 9/21

by Tony Dungy

with Nathan Whitaker

9. The Age of Turbulence, 8/11

by Alan Greenspan

10. American Creation, 12/5

by Joseph J. Ellis


1. You: Staying Young, 1/5

by Michael F. Roizen

and Mehmet C. Oz, et al.

2. The Daring Book for Girls, 2/5

by Andrea J. Buchanan

and Miriam Peskowitz

3. The Dangerous Book 3/31

for Boys,

by Conn Iggulden

and Hall Iggulden

4. Deceptively Delicious, 4/8

by Jessica Seinfeld

5. Become a Better You, 5/7

by Joel Osteen

Rankings reflect sales for the week ended Dec. 16, at almost 4,000 bookstores, plus wholesalers serving 60,000 other retailers (gift shops, department stores, newsstands, supermarkets), statistically weighted to represent all such outlets nationwide.