MILAN, Italy (AP) — A Tiffany silver bowl that President Kennedy gave to Maria Callas fetched nearly $33,000 at an auction of the late opera diva's memorabilia.

Sotheby's Milan auctioned more than 2,000 items Wednesday from the estate of Callas' husband of 10 years, Giovanni Battista Meneghini. He was by Callas' side during her rise to operatic fame only to be left brokenhearted when she took up with Aristotle Onassis.

The Tiffany bowl was given to Callas at Kennedy's birthday in 1962.

The golden wedding rings of Callas and Meneghini, who married in 1949, sold for about $37,000.

Also on the block were 63 love letters from Callas to Meneghini, letters from friends including Leonard Bernstein and Franco Zeffirelli, and photographs of Callas on the stage and in the company of dignitaries.

Other items offered were concert gowns and 300 musical scores..

Callas died a recluse in 1977 at age 53 in Paris, leaving behind $6.8 million and no will.