I know I shouldn't be annoyed at the letters written to the Readers' Forum. They are only people's opinions based on hearsay, personal bias, party affiliation and religion, but Monday's letters about Mitt Romney were particularly bizarre and ill-thought out.

Mark Faux's first "faux pas" was in being surprised that politicians "say one thing and do another," as if this were a new thing.

Harald Illig thought it "disingenuous" that Romney espoused "tolerance in matters of faith." The LDS Church certainly espouses tolerance.

Then Democrat official Bill Keshlear tried vainly to compare Romney's long-awaited clarification speech delivered to a national audience to a religious testimony given at BYU by an incumbent senator who is not in any race.

Finally, Robert Linwins avows that he is not a religious bigot, yet ends up saying that Romney has "cultish beliefs," that is to say, beliefs that don't jibe with his own. Like JFK's speech of years ago, Romney's declaration was simply that church officials would have no influence on his decisions as president.

Dennis Doyle