Game title: Scene It? Lights, Camera action

Platform: Xbox 360

Studio: Microsoft Game Studios

Rated: T for Teen

Score: 7 out of 10


Stacks of the board game "Scene It?" litter the isles of toy stores, department stores and big-box retailers. The popular game comes in a variety of subjects, such as "Harry Potter," Disney movies, Nickelodeon, ESPN, "Friends" and Marvel comics.

Microsoft now presents a console version and packages the game with four big-button controllers that retails for $59.99.

Game play: This game focuses on scenes from movies and movie trivia. While it helps to be a movie buff, it isn't required. The game features 21 puzzles that offer some balance for players with various skills.

Scenes from films will play, and then the game will ask questions such as what the color of a character's clothing was or how many times a certain word was used. Or a child's drawing might appear and the game will ask players to guess the title of a film based on the drawing.

Each player (or team) has a controller that allows him or her to push a button to answer the question and keeps track of individual or team points. Games can be long or short.

The controllers worked flawlessly, even from different angles and distances. It's a great party game that allows non-gamers to easily participate. Because of the console's hard drive the questions never repeated during testing, unlike the board game version.

Because of the power and track record of Xbox Live updating game content of all types, it is entirely possible that additional questions could be purchased although this has never been announced but owners will be crossing fingers.

Occasionally the game drags. The slightly annoying narration becomes stale, and quips are often repeated. Because the game is best in a party setting, the fun comes from personal interaction.

Graphics: The game and its clips work great and can play in HD for those with the Xbox hardware and HD television.

Audio: Film clips are presented in Dolby 5.1 stereo, so the game sounds like a film-based game should.


Parent's take: The game shows PG-rated clips. At worst the clips feature blood, language, suggestive themes, use of alcohol and tobacco and violence. It seemed fairly harmless, but I didn't review all 1,800 questions.

Final word: This is a fun party game that almost elevated itself to a great game. If the "humorous" interface had been a little better and the game action a little quicker, this would be a mega-hit.

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