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Melanie Sherseth plays with her "flying" lamb in Shepherd, Mont.

Dear Readers: We've had several letters from our readers warning about well-meaning neighbors who throw their leftovers from holiday meals over the fence to other people's dogs. Don't do this, folks! Don't give food to another person's pet unless you have an OK.

Turkey carcasses and hambones can be deadly for dogs. The bones can splinter and puncture the throat, stomach or intestines, causing serious life-threatening and painful complications. And most dogs can't tolerate the extra fatty meat or skin from ham or turkey. This is called "garbage-can syndrome" and can cause pancreatitis and even death if not caught early and treated, especially for dogs that are diabetic or are on a controlled diet. They could become seriously ill or worse.

The holidays can be a risky time of year for our family pets, so be sure to take extra precautions. —Heloise

Dear Heloise: One summer and early fall, my family noticed a dark-colored cat that would come into our front yard to catch crickets. Watching the cat from our window was an enjoyable way to spend time. We named the cat "Eight-O-Clock." That was usually the time it would appear in our yard each evening. —Mrs. Vera Underwood, Hickory, N.C.

Dear Readers: Joyce Wedeward of Shepherd, Mont., sent a photo of Melanie Sherseth and her 4-H "flying" lamb, Travis. In the photo, the lamb really does look like he is flying, but he has just jumped off a concrete deck! No wings, but a prayer. —Heloise

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