Carolyn B. Ugolini (Readers' Forum, Dec. 11) claims that Mitt Romney is courageous. She must mean in the same way that Fox News is "fair and balanced."

Romney transformed himself into Mr. Liberal to get elected governor of Massachusetts, then promptly renounced everything he claimed to believe when he became the "family values" candidate for president. In his speech last week, Romney said next to nothing about the Mormon faith, let alone defend it. Instead of taking a truly courageous stand in support of our Constitution, he enthusiastically jumped on the neo-fascist "Christian nation" bandwagon. And this week as his poll numbers continued to drop, instead of directly confronting Mike Huckabee's bigotry in Iowa, he responds by beating up again on defenseless illegal immigrants.

Romney has never had a courageous moment in politics. He will say and do anything to get elected.

Paul Sikora