Lacey Laycock; Lone Peak, Sr., S; Earned 191 career aces; Had 1,856 career assists.


Analaine Pelaez; Fremont, Sr., OH; Earned 508 kills, 487 digs, 298 assists and 41 solo blocks

5A 1st team

Faith Tusieseina; Lone Peak, Sr., OPP ; Earned 261 kills, had; .418 hitting percentage

Lacey Cramer; Lone Peak, Sr., OH; Finished with 207 kills, 183 digs

Makenzie Moea'i; Am. Fork, Soph., OH; Averaged 11 kills, 12 digs, 5 blocks

Fiona Jones; Viewmont, Jr., OH; Had 18 kills and 15 digs in third-place match

Whitney Nilson; Skyline, Sr., OPP/S; Earned 313 kills, 229 digs, 56 blocks

Chelsea Fa'alogo; Skyline, Sr., S; Had 781 assists, 339 digs, 197 kills

5A Libero

Alexa Monson; Fremont, Sr.; Earned 788 digs, had; 92.3 serving percentage


Elizabeth McArthur; Snow Canyon, Sr., OH; Had 444 kills as a senior. Had 24 kills and 23 digs in title match.

4A 1st team

Angela Walter; Snow Canyon, Sr., OH; Had 88 aces this season, 18 digs in 4A title match.

Samantha Misa; Dixie, Sr., MB; Earned 317 kills, hit; .488, had 82 digs

Brittny Lolohea; Highland, Sr., MB/OH; Averaged 14 kills, 4 blocks, 4 aces

Josselyn White; Sky View, Jr., OH; Earned 330 kills, 235 digs, 59 blocks

Mandy Munns; Box Elder, Sr., MB; Finished with 313; kills this season

Kaili Aiono; Cottonwood, Sr., MB; Totalled 266 kills, 251 digs, 81 blocks

4A Libero

Trish Haslam; Highland, Sr.; Averaged 16 digs; per match


Chelsey Garfield; Morgan, Sr., MB; Finished with 721 kills, 288 blocks and 88 digs.

3A 1st team

Megan Garvin; Carbon, Sr., MB; Averaged 4.19 kills, 1.65 digs per game

Kelsey Rees; Morgan, Sr., S; Earned 867 assists, 111 digs, 82 blocks

Missy White; Waterford, Sr., S/OPP; Earned 2,729; career assists

Megan Clyde; Hurricane, Jr., S; Averaged 24.5 assists; per match in region play

Jaclyn Jones; Delta, Jr., MB; Had 24 kills, 6 blocks in upset quarterfinal win

Julia Potts; Carbon, Sr., S; Averaged 8.58 assists, 1.19 digs per game

3A Libero

Mikelle Kap; Morgan, Jr.; Finished with 231 digs and 83 aces


Heather Meyer; San Juan, Jr., OH; Averaged 15 kills, 18 digs. Had 84 kills in four matches at state.

2A 1st team

Tess Lawrence; Ltn. Christian, Sr., MB; Earned 250 kills, 101 digs, 92 solo blocks

Emma Bayles; San Juan Sr., MB/OPP; Averaged 11 kills, 3 blocks per match

Amberlee Page; South Summit, Jr., MB; Had 412 kills, 254 digs, 62 blocks

Melissa Porter; North Sevier, Sr., MB; Earned 275 kills, 138 blocks

Aubrey Lindgren; South Sevier, Jr., MB; Finished with 217 kills, 72 blocks

Jessica Hunt; Enterprise, Sr., OH; Earned 269 kills, 101 blocks, 299 digs

2A Libero

Kenze Johnson; North Sevier, Jr.; Earned 356 digs; this season


Hailey Orton; Panguitch, Sr., OH; Earned 395 kills, averaged 1.6 blocks, 2.3 digs per game.

1A 1st team

Krystal Taylor; Panguitch, Sr., S; Finished with 574; assists, 204 digs

Allie Eastman; Rich, Jr., OH; Finished with 525 kills, hit at 33 percent

Kalani Norris; Panguitch, Fr., MB; Earned 239 kills, 106 blocks this season

Olivia Johnson; Rich, Sr., S; Had 840 assists, scored 274 points

Ashley Dowell; Monticello, Sr., MB; Served 13 straight points against Green River

Amanda Bagley; Piute, Soph., MB; Had 7 kills and 6 blocks in the fifth-place win

1A Libero

Marsha Stacey; Rich, Sr.; Had 554 digs, passed 85-90% in 9 matches