Salt Lake City Mayor-elect Ralph Becker's executive and support staff is starting to take shape.

David Everitt, who served as Becker's campaign manager, will be chief of staff of the new administration; former state senator Karen Hale will be communications director; and Ben McAdams will be senior advisor for intergovernmental affairs, Becker announced today.

The mayor-elect also announced plans to retain Lyn Creswell as chief administrative officer and Ed Butterfield as economic development manager. The positions of senior advisor for policy, education partnership coordinator and sustainability director have not been filled.

Becker also announced that the mayor's office will be structured a little differently than it was during Mayor Rocky Anderson's two terms in office.

As Becker's chief of staff, Everitt will supervise the day-to-day operations of the mayor's office and will coordinate the efforts of the policy advisor, the communications director, the senior advisor for intergovernmental affairs and the CAO.

Hale will organize and direct communications with constituents, city departments and the media. She also will oversee the Salt Lake Solutions program, designed to proactively address issues within the community.

McAdams will coordinate the policy function and will work closely with policy analysts throughout the city's departments to develop and implement the mayor-elect's 180-day plan and "blueprints."

Additionally, the education partnership coordinator and the administrator for the office of diversity will be located in the mayor's office.

Becker is expected to announce additional structural changes by Friday.

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