Sentencing for a man charged with being involved in a major Ecstasy-dealing ring was postponed Tuesday at the request of prosecutors.

Adam Dion Corder, 25, of Salt Lake City was scheduled to be sentenced in U.S. District Court but the proceedings were halted when a federal prosecutor requested the hearing be put off to allow Corder to testify in an associated case. U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart then ordered the hearing sealed and asked members of the public to leave the courtroom.

Corder was indicted as part of an investigation into a major Ecstasy-dealing ring that had dealt over 100,000 tablets with an estimated street value of $2 million.

Corder, along with four others and a man investigators have called the "kingpin" of the six-year-old operation, were charged last June. He has since pleaded guilty to drug distribution charges.

DEA agents have said some of the Ecstasy, which was shipped in from California, was being sold in local high schools.

So far two other defendants have been sentenced to almost three years and almost four years in federal prison respectively. Two other men are scheduled to be sentenced early next year.

The alleged head of the organization, Long Bao Ngo, is facing trial. According to federal agents, a search of Ngo's Murray home yielded a package of some 6,000 MDMA pills, better known as Ecstasy. Agents also reported finding cash, three hand guns and an assault rifle. In addition to distribution charges, Ngo is also charged with firearm possession.

Ngo's attorney has claimed the firearms belonged to his wife.

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