PROVO — High Definition Digital Video Recorder (HD-DVR) set-top boxes are available for Mstar and Nuvont subscribers on the iProvo network. Subscribers will now be able to record high-definition video to watch later at their convenience. HD-DVR also allows pausing live TV, instant replay and "chasing playback," where a user can begin watching a program before it has finished recording.

Before this, the set-top boxes available for the iProvo network allowed either watching high-definition video or recording standard-definition video, but not both.

HD-DVR set-top boxes are the latest technology in video services. They are designed to work with new high-definition televisions by providing all digital connectivity via High Definition Multiple Interface as well as all other standard connections.

Subscribers should call their service provider, either MStar, 877-678-2763, or Nuvont, 801-623-5200, for information about pricing and availability.