Dear Heloise: I wanted to share the following for folks who travel a lot. If you belong to frequent-guest or customer-rewards programs (and if you travel a lot, you should), there's a neat hint for either passing on compliments about stellar service or escalating complaints that you can't get resolved.

Anytime you receive a survey or the annual renewal of your membership card, there's usually a cover letter. It is a form letter from someone very high up in the company, such as a vice president or president of the company or the subsidiary. Keep these cover letters filed away. If you ever want to escalate a complaint or pass on a compliment, do a computer search for that person with as much information as you have — name, title, company, etc. It's easy to find at least an address and phone number, and sometimes even an e-mail address. Then send your compliment or complaint directly to that person, by mail, phone or e-mail.

By doing this, I've had great success getting complaints resolved and money back, and have even gotten phone calls back from top executives when I've called to compliment outstanding service. — Ange in Houston

Ange, your travel and helpful consumer hint is one that all of us should take note of for many areas of our lives, not just travel. It pays to "start at the top," if you can. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: Take books and extra movies to your local American Legion post to be sent to our soldiers. They can watch the movies on laptop computers. — R. Gunter, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Be sure to call the posts first to see what is needed, and why not include a note of support to let our service members around the world know we care about them? — Heloise

Dear Heloise: My mother, age 90, requires permanent oxygen therapy. She uses portable oxygen tanks when away from home and had many of them lying on the floor in her apartment. The heavy tanks tended to roll and created the potential for her to trip and fall while handling them. The solution was a wooden wine rack. The tanks fit neatly in the rack. Full tanks can be separated from empty tanks, and all are easily reachable when Mom changes her tank supply. — Susan G., Wadsworth, Ohio

Dear Heloise: When traveling, I may need to de-lint a dark-colored outfit, so I stick a piece of clear packaging tape at the back of the collar on the label. The lint adheres to the tape when applying it to the necessary areas. My son-in-law made use of it on a recent trip.

Also, the cologne- and perfume-scented advertisements included in magazines make good sachets for your drawers. They have a flap to open to let out the scent. — Jeanyne A. Hess of Brainerd, Minn.

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