BIRDSEYE — A mother-daughter feud came to a head a day after Thanksgiving when the 19-year-old daughter admitted to stealing items from her mother's residence, according to a 4th District Court affidavit.

She admitted to taking the items "because she was mad and wanted revenge." She had been booked after a Thanksgiving-day arrest for unrelated charges of outstanding warrants, the affidavit said.

The mother, who lives in Birdseye just off of U.S. 89, told police her daughter was not welcome in her house or on her property when the theft occurred and said the value of the stolen items came to just under $5,000.

A judge set the daughter's cash-only bail at $10,000. and her first court appearance for Friday.

The younger woman has been been arrested three times since January, according to Utah County Jail records.